DBV-Technologies – the French company that’s in the vanguard of the fight against allergies!

DBV Technologies is a firm located in the Paris region which specializes in developing allergy treatment solutions. It’s hoping that it has achieved something of a breakthrough with its Viaskin patch. You can look here for the full range of Viaskin products, consisting of patches for peanut, house dust mite, cows’ milk protein and egg allergies. In theory, the Viaskin approach could be extended to any number of allergies – which will come as a relief to the millions who are adversely affected by allergies all over the world.

The Viaskin platform is simple in concept, but sophisticated in production. Developed in DBV-Technologies’ cutting-edge facilities (see below), this adhesive patch works by introducing the relevant antigen to the patient’s body in very small quantities. It avoids the danger of anaphylactic shock by delivery through the skin, rather than directly into the bloodstream, and the targeting of the Langerhans cells, which are the most tolerogenic cells in the human body. Over time, this ‘densensitizes’ the body to the allergen in question, enabling the patient to start living a normal life again!


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